Best Backlink Building Strategy for Rankings

Each company owner wants to rank in Google. They understand that this will be a key piece of their marketing toolkit to deliver on new business. Among the greatest mysteries for them is their electronic footprint. SEO is part of that digital footprint which seems to be a foreign language to small business owners. To make things worse, SEO is an ever-evolving industry that becomes really trend-happy. This just adds to that complication because business owners do not have the time or internal resources to keep up your business through external backlink building.

Every year, Moz releases its best ranking variables for both local search and localized organic position. These components are opinions of the top digital marketing agencies and what they believe affects Google’s rankings. Unfortunately for us, Google doesn’t inform us of the way to rank in their search engine. In this blog article, we will cover three of the most popular ranking factors and what you can do to improve.



Online Reviews:

Digital marketing agencies understand that small business owners want to appear in Google search results. Google’s objective is to present relevant search results for an article. Among the ranking factors is an online review. Just how do we affect our online reviews? Below are a few strategies to do so.

  1. Know which platforms need additional positive testimonials.
  2. When a customer calls in with a question, request them to leave a favorable review when you are wrapping up your call (assuming it is a favorable interaction).
  3. Following a client makes a purchase, possess an automated email sent to speed their expertise. If they give you four or five stars, follow up with them to leave an overview of Google or even Yelp.
  4. When customers come into your workplace, have a kiosk where they can render testimonials.
  5. Respond to all your negative testimonials and discover chances to turn a negative inspection to some positive experience.


Backlink Building:

Backlink building is synonymous with search engine optimization. It also might be the most troublesome aspect of SEO. In Moz’s ranking factors, backlink building is your number one position factor for organic search. It’s easy to buy a hundred hyperlinks for $5 on Fiver; however, Google’s algorithm is clever enough to know that all these are spammy backlinks. They usually reach out to electronic advertising and marketing agencies that might be using white label SEO services.

To begin with, can it be applicable to your industry? Is the connection the domain is coming out of a quality one? Does that website receive traffic or is it a private site network? Which type of anchor text is used? Is your anchor a money keyword, branded, or random? There are many factors involved with backlink building, and we could write an entire blog article on them. For this article, let us review backlink construction strategies.

  1. Blogger Outreach – Produce a long-form item of content and send an email blast to website owners that may be interested in connecting to this site article.
  2. Guest Posts – Email website owners and ask them if you can write a blog post for their website. If they say yes, then ask if you can add a do-follow link (that is where the hyperlink comes from).
  3. Link agent – Find an agency which has access to tens of thousands of domain names they can put links on.
  4. Link Exchange – Ask website owners to perform a simple link exchange.

Again, backlink building is quite catchy. So in the event that you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself and have the budget, then start looking for a digital advertising service to help out. Ask them what types of approaches they used to do their backlink building.


Google My Business:

Google My Business is the number one ranking factor for displaying in the map package. The map pack can drive a lot of traffic to a small business, which, as we understand, can subsequently cause growth in sales. It is not simple to show up in the top place in the map pack, and there are a lot of variables that lead to it. So what are these factors?


  1. Proximity to your place. Where an individual is standing will considerably affect if you appear at the map pack for their own search.
  2. What class have you chosen your company to be under?
  3. Is the keyword in the company name? For instance, if you are a dentist, does your business name have a “dentist’ inside?
  4. How many reviews do you have and what is the quality of those reviews?
  5. Is your title, address, and phone number right? You’d be surprised how often a provider moves and forgets to change their address online.



These are only a couple of the ranking factors which could affect your digital footprint. You will find over 50 ranking elements, according to Moz. If you are looking to make a difference with your online presence, then working on these 3 elements are going to be a good start. If you don’t believe you can certainly do it on your own, don’t be afraid to reach out to a marketing agency. Small business owners already have a full time occupation, so it is hard to add marketing on their plates too.

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