Best Cannabis Social Networks for Business and Individual 2021

Best Cannabis Business Social Network

Individuals love interfacing with similarly invested people on the web. It’s what has made the possibility of the ‘social network’. There are a huge number of new social networks springing up consistently so they are getting increasingly more focused on “best cannabis business social network”.

There are currently various famous cannabis social networks that permit you to associate with individual stoners, potheads, cannabis experts “cannabis marketing”, cannabis advertising, and similar people.

A portion of these 420 social networks are truly cool and some not really. Regardless of whether you are a cannabis business social network hoping to showcase yourself or a smoker hoping to join a local area, these are the absolute best social networks for weed aficionados.

In this article, I will show you the entirety of the best cannabis business social network online for businesses and individuals.


Cannabis Business Social Networks:

Cannabis Business Social Networks

Weed Circles:

Weed Circles is fairly a combination of Google In addition to and LinkedIn. You can interface with clients, cannabis sellers, and cannabis associates who are all in the cannabis business.

This cannabis interpersonal organization is allowed to join and incorporates a great many weed organizations and an informal community of marijuana clients. In the event that you are a business or marijuana organization, you can add your subtleties to Weed Circles and interface with individual organization proprietors and Canna-preneurs.

Weed Circles is a piece of the Weed Life network so you may discover comparable usefulness on the two locales.

In the event that you have a marijuana bunch that you might want to develop, you can view and add your cannabis gathering to develop its openness.



With CannaSOS, you can investigate strains, discover items, audits, companions, QA and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. On the off chance that you are hoping to go along with one of the bigger cannabis informal communities, at that point cannasos llc might be the one for you.

They have a firstly developing after of cannabis clients hoping to associate on the web. You can pose inquiries about pot, cannabis, or industry news and find a significant solution from weed geniuses. Join gatherings and interface with other weed devotees in specialty explicit subjects.

cannasos llc presently gets more than 400,000 absolute guests consistently and they have a fair measured after via online media. Perhaps the best element is their strain survey data set that has a large number of weed strains with nitty-gritty data about each strain, its belongings, THC proportions, and then some.


MJ Link:

This website is a cannabis business social network and index that is fresher contrasted with the others.

MJ Link really got $1.7M in subsidizing in a Seed Round so they have some cash to control this interpersonal organization for canna-organizations.

In addition to the fact that it is an incredible spot to add your marijuana business, you can likewise interface with other similar business people such as yourself.

It highlights news, companion’s movement channels, items, and even recordings that are weed-accommodating. They likewise own two or three other comparable kinds of destinations like Weed Life and Hemp Talk.


420 Magazine Forums:

The Discussions at the 420 magazine websites are dynamic and an incredible spot to associate with cannabis entrepreneurs.

They have a lot of gatherings from how to develop weed to political conversations. There are a huge number of dynamic individuals, posing inquiries, associating, and organizing on the web at the 420 Magazine Gatherings.


Leaf Wire:

Leaf Wire is a more current cannabis business social network for weed business industry experts hoping to the interface on the web.

Many individuals contrast Leaf Wire with LinkedIn in that you can develop your organization, post articles, pictures, announcements and offer data about your cannabis business informal community.

There is even a commercial center where you can make a learning to list your administrations to individual cannabis industry specialists.

In the event that you are hoping to develop your cannabis network “cannabis business times”, pursue free and look at Leaf Wire today!


Cannabis Individual Informal communities:

Cannabis Individual Informal communities

Grass city Forum:

The Forums at Grass city is one of the most seasoned web-based media networks devoted to everything weed forums.

Initially, Grass city was extremely well-known marijuana developing discussion where clients could visit about how-to develop, read develop aides and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Be that as it may, it has ventured into one of the biggest cannabis social forums on the web.

They have various forms that you can talk with other pot sweethearts about developing, smoking, authorization, and then some. Grass city has even added a cannabis news segment and a catalog of dispensaries around the US.


Weed Life:

Weed Life is another cannabis informal community that is still somewhat carriage however has countless individuals joining and joining day by day. They highlight a news channel style web-based media stage that highlights marijuana recordings, organizations, schooling, items, developing information, and then some.

This cannabis-based online media network actually needs a great deal of work yet it’s one of the first web-based media stages for weed smokers.

On the off chance that you are a business, brand, or well-known person you can make your own page where individuals can post on your divider, share photographs, occasions, and the sky’s limit from there.


Weed able:

You can follow at weed able for this online industry. Launch a Mobile app in the future. They need an app initiating shortly that hopefully can facilitate boost this cannabis social network to a succeeding level

Regardless of whether you are a business, individual, or simply hoping to interface with other pot clients, at that point you can join Weed able and have your own personal online profile.

Here is our business profile on Weed able that permits us to interface with different organizations in the business just as keep our adherents refreshed on the entirety of the most recent news.



Duby is presently the biggest local area online devoted to cannabis smokers, takers, and sweethearts. To pursue Duby, you should download their application that is accessible for Application Store and Google Play.

You at present can’t make a record on the web yet on the off chance that you download the application you can begin associating with individuals immediately. Duby is a combination of Instagram, kindling, and Twitter across the board weed benevolent application.

You can see top recordings and they even have stories like Instagram. You can peruse photographs/clients and either select ‘put out’ on the off chance that you don’t like it or ‘pass’ in the event that you need to pass it on. They actually have some work to do on making it a practical item that individuals will appreciate utilizing yet it is by all accounts getting some great footing to the extent that cannabis informal organizations go.


Bud Hubz:

Bud Hubz is similar to Foursquare, however for weed. You can locate the best dispensaries, head shops, facilities, and cannabis specialists online on their site.

It’s allowed to join and permits you to interface with ‘buddies’ or companions to get proposals from the best marijuana marketing looks around.

It appears to be the site is as yet in a beta mode or improvement mode, yet it very well may be an overly cool interpersonal organization for cannabis clients.


MJ Mary Jane:

MJ Mary Jane is essentially the Pinterest for weed business.

You can stick cool weed photographs, plans, recordings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They even have an application for Apple and Google so you can nail weed stuff to the go weed chats.

Classifying different pins, follow MJ Pinterest simply like other Pinterest.

It’s totally allowed to join and you can discover some truly cool stuff on there on the off chance that you look.


Cannabis Dating Interpersonal organizations:

Cannabis Dating Interpersonal organizations

420 Singles:

Much the same as online media networks, marijuana well-disposed dating applications have likewise begun to spring up. is a dating stage that matches cannabis smokers locally and around the world.

Regardless of whether you are simply searching for somebody to smoke with or you are searching for a canna lover, 420 Singles can help you find other pot showcasing “clients” in your general vicinity.

The application is set up like Kindling where you can swipe left or right and make matches with others on the application. You should download the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Application store free of charge. This cannabis informal community is ideal for discovering individual weed smokers close to you.


High There:

High There is the kindling of weed clients. This cannabis interpersonal organization is a dating application set up practically precisely as is Kindling.

You swipe left or right on other cannabis clients that you might be intrigued by.

Like Duby, High There is a cannabis informal community that is just accessible on the Google Play and Apple Application Store. It’s totally allowed to join and can interface you with other cannabis fans all around the globe. Regardless of whether you are searching for companions or a relationship, High There can coordinate you with other cannabis smokers.

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