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Whether you need to save your work in PDF format and your program or version of the program does not allow it or you just do not know how to do it, you will learn everything in the article. You will learn even more! For example, what about saving to PDF in Microsoft office 2007, what is the difference between DOC and DOCX, why and when it is good or rather necessary to save to a PDF file, and what are the main advantages of such a file. Of course, you’ll find the exact opposite – You have a PDF file, but you need to convert it to a DOC / DOCX (Microsoft Word Files) file. So let’s get to it.


What text files will we work with?

We will only work with text files, as conversions and saving to PDF are most often used here. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to save, for example, a spreadsheet ( eg Microsoft Excel ) or a presentation ( eg Microsoft PowerPoint ) – choose the same procedure as for text files, because in most cases it is the same.


Microsoft Word

The most commonly used text application is undoubtedly Microsoft Word. We will deal with it the most in this article. It’s a paid program, but I think it’s better to pay extra for this program than to use free programs that often don’t meet all the necessary options and settings. You can download it for the exam here, for example. You can work with it for 60 days and then think about whether you buy it or not.


Microsoft word files

.DOC – Microsoft Word 2003 and lower text file. (you may rarely encounter the 2003 version somewhere, I doubt the lower one)

.DOCX – Microsoft Word 2007 and higher text file.


Doc vs Docx

You may be wondering why Microsoft actually started using the new DOCX file. The only thing this means for users is the compatibility of compatibility and the inability to open a newer Docx file in older versions of the program. The best explanation is compatibility, a big leap in program development and marketing. At first glance, Microsoft Office 2007 and newer are quite different from older versions, much larger, and after a while of use, you will find that it is also much easier and more pleasant to work with. Such a change also carries different compatibility. In addition, this change will beautifully support the marketing part and the need for users to buy a new product. For these reasons, you can clearly understand why Microsoft made this change.


Free Office

If you do not need a text application for more complex projects, such as a bachelor’s or master’s thesis … Libre Office may suffice. If you decide to use this program for much more complex projects, then let us rather format your work :-). It is completely free to download and there is also the option to save the file in PDF format.


.Odt – Libre Office free download text file


Portable Document Format – Portable document format. This file/format was developed by Adobe and is used to store documents that always display the same regardless of software or hardware. The most common use is after completing text and graphic documents. We are then sure that the recipient or the printer will receive a file that cannot be changed in any way and looks exactly as we sent it. To view PDF files, I recommend choosing a straight developer – Adobe Acrobat Reader / Adobe Reader.


Why save to PDF

Because what is stored in the PDF will remain so. Any computer that has the ability to open a PDF format opens the file in the same way. Nothing is decided, changed, destroyed. No party can make excuses, “I formatted it correctly, I can’t blame the text on your computer for the decision” – You can! You should have sent the file in PDF. This is the main advantage of a PDF file.


Other benefits are

File Browser PDF is free – Program from Adobe can be downloaded here.

The recipient may not have a suitable program to open the file – I mean Microsoft Office, for example. You may not have a program to open a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat Reader), but you can easily download and install it for free.

The program can’t do much – And that’s an advantage in this case. Above all, the basic version can quickly search in the text and print. Nothing more from the program is needed anyway.


Which program to choose for converting Doc / Docx to PFD

So how about the transfer?


Docx and PDF

If you have Microsoft Office 2010 and later, you have won. Just follow these steps:

Open the file in Word and give -> File -> Save As -> select a location -> Save As Type -> PDF Format. And it is done.


If you have Microsoft Office 2007 – The situation may be the same, but you need to download and install the add-on. You can download the program add-on here: Then just install the add-on and you can save the same as in the 2010 version.

If you’re still using Microsoft Office 2003 – here’s a longer chat. Better said for a longer installation. The good news is that you can install the add-on here as well, and you can save it to PDF in Microsoft Word 2003. The add-on is more precisely called PDF Creator – here are the installation instructions. After its installation, the situation is a bit different than with newer versions. Click here to proceed.

I do not have/do not want to download/do not want to buy any of the above-mentioned programs.

Then it is possible that you will have another program that can save the file in PDF format. But unfortunately, I don’t know :-). But I will tell you alternatives that each of you can use! They will even work even if you don’t have any program! They are web applications!


Web applications for conversion

Sometimes this is the fastest solution. All you need is internet access and you don’t have to download, install or buy anything. However, the disadvantage is that you often have to provide an e-mail to which the converted file will arrive and you no longer know who will have your e-mail available. Another disadvantage is that you put your file on the Internet and again you do not know what hands the file can get into. Personally, I have never had a problem with this, nor have I ever translated documents in this way that would be a tragedy if read or misused by someone else. However, it is important to keep this information in mind. For example, in his final university theses, he was already slightly afraid of abuse. If you decide to use this method, you can try something of my choice.


My favorite websites for converting text files (Doc / Docx) to PDF are: – Fast, convenient, free and you don’t have to enter your email. Just drag the file, wait for the conversion and give “download File”. What else could you wish for? – basically exactly the same as the previous variant, just with the disadvantage that you have to enter an e-mail here. Some people may find the environment clearer here, which is why I have included this website in my selection.

There are many other websites that provide similar services. After experiencing the sites I chose, I see no reason to try, search, or recommend them.


Web applications for converting PDF to DOC / DOCX

Be careful here! The only program mentioned above that can do this is Adobe Acrobat Reader – but only in the extended version. It now costs 18 Euros per month.

I DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND downloading free programs that promise to convert your PDF format to DOC / DOCX. Usually, they don’t do anything at all and you just bring the computer or transfer the file, but wrong, with errors or with an advertising character. If you know the program you would recommend for this conversion, WRITE IT TO THE COMMENT.


If you need to convert from PDF, I definitely advise you to choose a website that will convert everything for you for free. With conversion quality, it’s much more complicated here than converting to PDF. Therefore, always check the file and correct any errors and incorrect format.


The websites I would recommend here are again:

Possibility of transfer

  • PDF to Word / Word to PDF
  • PDF to Excel / Excel to PDF
  • PDF to JPG / JPG to PDF
  • PDF to PPT / PPT to PDF

Possibility of transfer

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Image


In conclusion

Thank you for reading the article and I hope it provided you with a lot of new information and answered your questions. I’ll be happy to share, rate, or comment – for example, how you convert the files or if you know a better method than I’ve described here. Keep in mind that if you do not have a suitable text program, the file will always be converted to you by the web applications I mentioned in the article. Do not try to install freeware conversion programs as they will do more harm than good. Read more interesting things on this site and, if necessary, have your work formatted.

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