These tips Aman Lakukan Immunizations saat Pandemi Covid-19

Immunizations need to be given to babies and children to prevent the risk of dangerous diseases in the future. But the Covid-19 pandemic is enough to make many people afraid to bring their children for immunization.

Head of the Respirology Coordination Unit of the Indonesian Pediatric Association,  DR. Nastiti Kaswandani, Sp. A (K) said that parents should not be afraid to bring their children to get immunizations. The first thing that can be done is to look at the immunization book and find out which vaccines are not yet equipped.

“Then go to or contact the hospital where the immunization is carried out and ask how to get the child to immunization. Maybe the method is different from before the pandemic, for example, the number of children is more limited,” said DR. Nastiti in a webinar some time ago.

Then, parents need to make an immunization schedule. This can be done for the safety of the child.

He also reminded parents to tell health workers what immunizations are incomplete and be given simultaneously.

“You must be contacted and notify what immunizations are incomplete so that later we plan to pursue which immunizations. Two injections in one visit can be given to speed up catching up,” he continued.

When visiting a hospital or health service for immunization, DR. Nastiti also reminded them to always keep their distance, use masks, and wash their hands.

Apart from visiting hospitals or other health facilities, immunization during a pandemic can also be done by using immunization health services at home.

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